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February 2020


The Queen’s Awards have just been announced and the East of England industries have been awarded more than ever before in 2019.

Suffolk Queen’s Awards for Enterprise call for entries, February 2020

The first Suffolk Queen’s awards lunch meeting for 2020 was held in conjunction with the Ipswich Suffolk Business club, the topic Infrastructure. The speaker was Tom Hunt MP.

This was the first of a series of calls for entries for the Suffolk 2020 Queen’s Awards. The next one is planned for the House of Lords on Clean Energy, which is a sector that East of England  is outstanding for. The next local event will be on Tourism the venue is to be confirmed after the lockdown has been lifted.



Dr Saul Humphrey, Chair of Building Growth for New Anglia LEP said ”The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are a demonstrable sign of outstanding achievement in Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development and in promoting Opportunity through Social Mobility – all of which are excellent indicators of successful businesses in our region. The Clean Growth ambitions of Norfolk and Suffolk require critical infrastructure to realise our ambitions and The Queen’s Awards are a wonderful accolade to align with that intent.”


13th June, 2019

The House of Lords, The East of England’s Elite brands


26th April 2019

Queen’s Awards lunch, The Jockey Club, Tourism in The East of England


8th March 2019

Queen’s Awards lunch, profiling Suffolk technology firm’s to China


21st February 2019

Queen’s Awards lunch, The Jockey Club, supporting elite brands initiative in Suffolk to China


23rd November 2018

Queen’s Awards lunch, Suffolk. The Queen’s Awards are highly respected in China as a mark of excellence


11th September 2018

House of Lords, AI in Agriculture


10th March 2018

House of Lords, Heritage a Culture in the East of England


18th May 2018

Gateway to China

UEA/LinksEast event at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich.

This lunch is aimed as a follow up to University of East Anglia (UEA) / LinksEast event on tastings by Chinese students of local artisan food and drink on the 27th February. The preferences of the Chinese consumer, in food and drink will be revealed during the meal.


10th May 2018

Cultural and Heritage

Lunch at the House of Lords, hosted by Lord Tim Clement–Jones, promoting the East of England, Norfolk and Suffolk, Culture and heritage to China.


24th April 2018

Agricultural Exports

Otley College lunch event, promoting the East of England, Suffolk and Norfolk expertise in Agriculture to China.


19th April 2018


House of Lords lunch, promoting The East of England, Norfolk and Suffolk Agriculture to a visiting Chinese Agricultural Delegation organised by DEFRA.


27th February 2018

Gateway to China

More than 200 Chinese students at the University of East Anglia (UEA) took part in tasting local artisan food and drink from Norfolk and Suffolk.

LinksEast was delighted to be involved with this event. The Gateway to China initiative follows on from the Spirit of Youth campaign when UEA Alumna Jiang Shuying ,a famous Chinese film star,visited the campus in the Summer.


31st January 2018

Artificial Intelligence conference

This lunch was hosted Doug Field, Chairman of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, the topic under discussion was AI and promoting agri-tech, energy and technology across Norfolk and Suffolk to China.

The speaker Prof Dr Detlef Nauck, chief research scientist at BT Technology in Martlesham. This event coincided with the prime minister Theresa May visit to China. China is the UK’s fifth largest export market and this is rapidly growing.


31st January 2018

Theresa May to visit China

Prime Minister Theresa May will pay an official visit to China from 31 January to 2 February, at the invitation of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the Prime Minister will co-host the bilateral annual prime ministerial meeting with her Chinese counterpart. The Ministry went on to say the visit is of great significance to bilateral ties under the new circumstances, as the two sides agreed to build a global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century and usher in a 'golden era' for bilateral ties.

Theresa May will meet with Chinese leaders in discussions on bilateral ties and international and regional issues.

Hua Chunying, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, went on to say: "We hope this visit will deepen political mutual trust, expand mutually beneficial cooperation across the board, and further advance the China-Britain global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century."

To highlight this visit, The East of England is promoting the latest trade developments with China with an event to coincide with the PM's visit.

LinksEast have organised a feature meeting to promote ICT/AI (Information Communication Technology / Artificial Intelligence) to accentuate how advanced this region is in these fields, and how we propose using this to promote our regions trade in Food/Drink/Agriculture.

The China-UK relationship enjoys continued growth. Currently, the UK is the second largest trading partner, second largest investment destination and second largest actual investment source of China within the European Union.

The event will be hosted by Doug Field, Chairman of New Anglia LEP. Invited guests will be key stakeholders from Norfolk and Suffolk. Speaker will be Professor Detlef Nauck, head of data science research at BT's Research and Innovation Division in Ipswich. He is the leader of a group of international scientists working on Intelligent Data Analysis and Autonomic Systems.

East Anglian Daily Times

Ipswich Star





LinksEast was founded on the intention of enabling communication and trade between SMEs in East Anglia interested in trading internationally.

In an increasingly complicated marketplace of international trade, highlighted by post referendum uncertainties, LinksEast offers a distinctive, fully integrated PR service to its clients in East Anglia bringing them greater awareness and clarity regarding present and potential opportunities both at home and overseas. This enables local firms to utilise effective links to fast track trade with international markets.

We focus on key market sectors in East Anglia: Food and Drink, ICT, Transport, Alternative Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Aerospace, Medical, Advance Manufacturing and Tourism.

We host the LinksEast Forum, a series of round table discussions at The House of Lords, where invited guests from specific EA market communities can meet with representatives of Government who have knowledge, insight and expertise to discuss their needs and requirements on the 'how to' questions of international trade. The Forum forms the foundation for the EA business community of a 'self-help' exchange of knowledge and idea dialogues, with local meetings across the region.

We have qualified multilingual speakers to help businesses build knowledge and confidence to do business overseas, as well as advising on specific opportunities tailored to their needs.

Our understanding of the changing shape of marketing communications in the light of interactive media allows us to give the most suitable responses to projects briefs on the international area to feed through to East Anglia.

Trading internationally is all about building a relationship of trust and friendship.



在一个日益复杂的国际市场交易环境中,脱欧全民公投后, 东联澄清并会提供其在东安格利亚地区一个独特的,完全集成的公关服务。这将使得当地企业,以快速轨道,通过有效的联系与中国进行贸易合作。我们与中英贸易协会(CBBC)在实现这一目标有非常密切的联系。






Agriculture, Food and Drink Exports


The growing appetite internationally for British food and drink products is underpinned by provenance and premium quality.

As consumers have grown wealthier and ventured further afield to visit new places and explore new cuisines, they have developed new tastes for imported delicacies and remain convinced a premium price is the right price to pay for produce that bears the mark of food safety and years of craftsmanship.

The designation of 'made in Britain' is increasingly one of the biggest assets for British food and drink businesses.

For food companies with the right branding and strategic patience, trading internationally offers a genuine chance for future expansion.



Simple phrases

Using China as an example, please find below some useful phrases:






How are you?




Thank you


You’re welcome




No problem (it’s okay)


I would like to go to...




How much is...


Too expensive





Ni hao ma?










Mei guanxi


Wo xiang qu...




Duo shao qian


Tai guile



Nee how


Nee how ma?


Sigh jyen


Share share


Boo ke chee


Dway boo chee


May gwan shee


Wor sheang choo


Jeew Dyen


Dwoshao chee-yen


Tie gway-la


Tsir swor

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